The 90’s monopoly on fashion isn’t going away any time soon, nor should it. Chunky shoes and mom jeans have been a savior for this short, pear shaped girl who can’t walk in heels. But the 2000’s are making a comeback, blame the Netflix binge of the CNN series by the same name. We imagined silver spacesuits in the new millenium. The reality was more Floridian post devastating hurricane. Barely clad in a trucker cap, ribbed tank, and destroyed denim mini skirt. For all the abominations, there are some trends we’re secretly dying to revive, and the Spring 2019 runway certainly agrees.

To quote Sophia Patrillo of Golden Girls fame, “Picture it, the 2000’s.” Bubblegum pop is out, and our favorite good girls have gone bad. Xtina got Dirrty. Lindsey Lohan was a Mean Girl. Destiny’s Child kept on survivin’. This decade saw Britney go from red catsuit, snakecharmer, Madonna spit swapper, and GI Jane takes on Yellow Cab. There can be no Google search that exists without Paris Hilton. Handkerchief hems were in. As were handkerchief tops. Handkerchief everything. When our midriffs weren’t completely exposed (a portion of the body explicitly banned in my middle school’s dress code) they were covered by a tunic over boot cut jeans. Bling was a thing. The purses were tiny and there was never any guessing as to what brand because logos were everywhere. Two words that don’t go together but did in the 00’s: bohemian and streetwear.

An It Girl posed in Juicy track pants. You’re wearing transparent colored lenses. The new Baby Phat collection is highly anticipated. This may sound like a fitting description of 2004, but we’re talking 2019. Ditch the trucker hat, keep the driving cap. Skinny hems give way to boot cut, sans shirt dress. Spotted on the runway and available in our stores, here are some early 21st century trends you’re sure to being seeing this spring:

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