Thanksgiving Day

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First off, where did this year ago? We're all getting ready for Thanksgiving, the big day that ushers in the holiday season. While it certainly can be hectic, monetary and timely costs shouldn't keep you from enjoying what is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Inspirations has you covered from decor to dinner table, with a few tips below to create a charming centerpiece, under $5, in less than 10 minutes. The first step, of course, is to visit your favorite of our 5 Inspirations stores in your area. Remember, the beauty of the thrift store is that no two items are alike, so use this guide to create something all your own. Our endless array of home goods includes fabrics, baskets, craft supplies, and wreaths to inspire cheerful creativity. For this project, we chose a wicker piece from a huge selection of 50 cent baskets. A handful of faux floral, moss, and pine bundles rang in at a dollar and under per piece. And a $1 squash-colored pot with rustic star cutout, because, why not? The next step will also require a mixing bowl, which Inspirations is chock full of! We started by breaking up the moss and adding in some pine mix. The moss is spongy, so pieces can be placed deliberately to create the natural look you want for the base. After carefully transferring the moss mixture to the basket, add the flowers. The stems are pointy enough to poke through the moss while arranging the blossoms. Once satisfied with the arrangement, pulls the moss up the stems, near the flowers, to hold in place. Adjust flowers and moss mixture as needed. We placed tissue paper beneath the moss to really bring it to the surface. Throw in a tea light, and Voilà!, our Thanksgiving table is set. Scroll to discover more holiday home goods and DIY supplies in store!
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